Umphang smile guest house.

Umphang is one of the districts in Tak Province which is located on the west border of Thailand. It is surrounded by complex mountains. There is only one main road from Mae Sod District, all of the attractions in Umphang are nature which is the river source of the west forest, a world heritage site. As well as a way of life for the karen hill tribe who raise elephants as transportation. Their community is big in Umphang District which preserves its beauty and purity. With the potential of natural and cultural attractions provide adventure activities such as trekking on foot or elephant back, whitewater rafting, enjoying waterfalls and forested hills, and also visiting hill tribe village which is very popular.



But in the same time, these attractions are fragile with limited ability to support tourists. The best way to visit Umphang should be for Eco-Tourism, to protect and preserve the gracious natural beauty. Not only does it benefit the locals by creating jobs from quality tourism but also preserve the community’s identity as well.



Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has a policy to promote and develop Eco-Tourism to Umphang District by training, campaigning, giving information, publicizing and recommending the right tourism destinations to tourists. TAT hopes that the tourism handbook will be useful to the tourists who visit Umphang. Along with cooperation from everyone to help preserve, protect and maintain the attractions so it will