Tee Loh Joh Waterfall

  • Is 3 Kilometers from Umphang District, drive along Umphang – Palata route, make a right at the intersection about 1.5 Kilometers you will see the first tier waterfall which is about 80 meters high. The second tier flows down from a steep cliff to Mae Klong River. The stream from waterfall looks like it’s raining, Moss covered the entire area make it look green and is beautiful year round. Tourists can also see the beauty of Tee Loh Joh Waterfall by rafting.

Tee Loh Su Waterfall

  • Located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, it originates from Huay Klo Toh that passes Pue Wa Hill. The width of the waterfall is about 100 meters, streaming down 3 cascading tiers all year round. Tee Loh Su Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand.

Pi Tu Kro Waterfall (Pi Tu Loh Su or Pre Toh Loh Su)

  • Is the tallest waterfall in Thailand with the height of 500 meters. The waterfall streaming along a cliff from Ma Muang Sam Mhuen Hill, located west of Umphang forest. The mountain ridge is the boarder of Thailand and Myanmar. Tourists can only see this waterfall during the rainy season. The best way to visit is by trekking and camping.

Umphang Kee whitewater rafting

  • Adventurous rafting along Umphang stream which is north of Umphang Kee Village. The origin of stream comes from Mae Wong Forest. Rafting takes a day back and forth and will pass 50 exciting islets.

East Tung Yai Naresuan

  • Is a Conservation area which is perfect for tourists who love nature. There are many interesting activities such as bird watching, wild animals, butterflies and learning about the ecosystem and wildlife reserves.

Doi Hua Mot

  • Is situated in Baan Umphang. The hills without a single large tree and full of shrubs. On top of the hills provide view of Baan Umphang and complicated mountain ranges. It is an ideal place to watch the sunrise and appreciate the mist in the early morning sunrise on the east of Umphang which connects to Kampangpetch Province. There are wild flowers on the hills during the rainy season. The view point to see the sunrise and the Sea of the mist is on KM 9, 10, 11 and 13.

La Ka Toh Swamp or Nam Keaw Swamp

  • The big green swamp is caused by limestone water, located on top of the hill. It is the home of wildlife and some water birds. It is the conserved area, tourists have to get a permit before visiting.

Fad Swamp or La Ee Or Swamp

  • Is located in Tipoji Village, it is also a big swamp. Locals presumed that it is because of subsided land. The swamp is the wildlife and water birds’ habitation.

Sae Pa La Waterfall

  • Is located in Sae Pa La Village, Tambon Mae La Mung Umphang District, it’s 3 kilometers away from Karen hill tribe village, Pa Lah Tah. The limestone waterfall with the width of 10 meters and 50 meters height. During the harvest season, there is almost no water in the waterfall because farmers will diverse water to their fields.

Ka Ngae Sod Waterfall

  • Is situated in the middle of East Tung Yai Naresuan.

Koh Ta Waterfall

  • Is a good size waterfall with many tiers. It is located in Koh Ta Village and is the same stream as Tee Loh Su Waterfall.

Ta Koh Bi Cave

  • Is located in Baan Mae Klong Mai, from Umphang use Umphang – Mae Chan to KM 7. There’s a small road on the left about 1 kilometer to the front of the cave. The cave itself is 3 kilometers deep with a large chamber inside. The spacious cave is beautifully decorated with stalagmites.

Mae Klong Yai or Mae Klong Kee rafting

  • Adventurous rafting in Mae Klong River which is a combination of Mae Klong Noi and Mae Klong Yai Rivers. The rafting will pass more than 100 islets, small tiers and a spacious thermal bath. It takes about 3-6 hours depending on the level of the stream which can only be done during rainy season.

Tee Loh Lae Waterfall

  • Located on deep crevices, the cliff that looks like a cave by Mae Klong River. It is unknown where the water comes from but it streams underneath the ground to the cliff by Mae Klong River and it became a waterfall with the height of 50 meters. Tourists have to trek through the forest to see this beautiful and charming waterfall. It is the ideal place for visitors who like adventure, trekking and rafting.