Program 3,

(Mae Sod - Umphang)

4 days /3 night

We have everything at the same program 1 and 2.,But we have for customers that they have more time ,That mean program 3 night /4 day ,After we do all program with rafting ,visit all waterfall then we have more time to go visit another village and go to visit some National Park ,that we call Tong Yai NareSoun take care by the Government that you can see all animals and we will go visit some Karen Village that we call
(Moo Baan Pra Raa Tah) then you can see how there live? ,How The culture? and you can spend the night with them,you can lean they culture that is very wonderful trip,than you can see that? peoples you never meet. And you can see how very different be tween people in big City and peoples from small village sometime you can see "how they can share the life together" this our program we will charge 12,000,bath.Per each but we in cluding with insurance ,room ,foods 4 days meal, until go back to Mea Sod .Thank you for interested our business all this program,We very proud and honered to serve our customers,Hope to see you soon in our business.

Enjoy your time with us, Thank you for your time, we all hope to see you soon
Best Regards all our Customers.

From our Team Umphang smile house.
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